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Medical Marijuana Ideas


Growing was a lot harder than people thought it was, when all this legalization stuff began and everyone and their dog started growing, I knew it was just a matter of time before their ignorant bubbles were going to burst. I’ve heard people say, “You know why they call it a weed right? It’s because it grows like a weed, it’s easy”. Yeah, we’ll see what tune you’re singing in a year after you realize this isn’t something a novice with no appreciation for the process can succeed at. The legalization of medicinal marijuana has been a good and a bad thing for many different reasons. It was bad for people like myself who relied heavily on income produced from growing and selling it because the market was flooded now and  the avenues for procuring it were opened wide. On the other side of the coin though, we’re in a recession and people are hurting. I’m all for what’s good for the people though, so if legalization is economically bad for me but good for Colorado, then I’m going to support what’s good for the people of Colorado.

I originally was able to continue to grow and supply dispensaries with my product but as more regulations were put into place and the rules were solidified, I was cut out because I wasn’t doing it legally. I had gained a valuable skill though and was almost immediately able to get a job growing legally for a dispensary and was getting paid very handsomely to do so. I’d say it’s safe to say that things worked out pretty well for me.


I wasn’t the one who had a problem, in my opinion. People for thousands of years, who’ve gone against the grain of society, have suffered and been ostracized for living outside the lines of what was considered socially unacceptable behavior at any particular time in our history. This was just another juncture in time when the ignorance of the general populous was intersecting with more progressive thinking and common sense and eventually, common sense was going to win out. I owned a dispensaryin Denver and because there was a church up the street from me, I was getting crucified by the local the self-righteous, religious right.


I thought that christians were law-abiding citizens, I was legally able to do business here and my storefront was getting vandalized weekly and they were trying everything with the media to vilify me. Now, I know that there are religious people out there with some common sense and that’s fine but intolerant extremists of any kind are particularly dangerous and illogical if you ask me. The fact is, no matter what you think for whatever reason, medical marijuana does indeed had legitimate medical value and applications. That is more you can say for alcohol other than using it as a cleaning or disinfecting agent, otherwise it’s effects have been wreaking havoc on our families and society for hundreds of years. I just don’t understand that if a society has a tolerance for something as destructive as we know alcohol is, then how can you tell me that it makes any sense to legally, hinder someone’s ability to use something that is far less harmful to their family and society.

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